Vandalized Stones Repaired

Repairs have been completed on 14 tombstones damaged by unknown vandals in September 207006. In addition to breaking and turning over stones, the vandals managed to overturn the tall pinnacles of several major stones.

Carroll Memorials, W. O. Grubb Crane Rental, Public Works Department of the City of Fredericksburg, the Matthew Fontaine Maury Camp, Sons of Confederate Veterans joined forces to the complicated job…

W. O. Grubb’s crane was used from outside the wall to lift the heavy stones. Carroll Memorials repaired and reset the stones, some of which were badly broken. Both firms generously did this work at cost, a great saving to the Association. Members of the Matthew Fontaine Maury Camp, SCV, volunteered their services to help clean the stones before the repairs were made.

We are very grateful to all of the above for their help, and to the friends of the Cemetery who have made contributions for the repair of these stones. Thanks to the Virginia Division, United daughters of the Confederacy fro funds for this project from the Historic Resources Fund.

We also wish to express our thanks to Mike Witt who removed a large tree limb which fell during a summer storm. (No stones were damaged.)

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