Cemetery Receives Grants

Recently, The Confederate Cemetery received 2 grants. The Society of the Order of the Southern Cross donated funds to replace 6 soldiers’ stones with flat markers.  These stones were illegible due to age and weather.  The grant also covered the repainting of all the railings and fences.

The Duff McDuff Green Jr Fund of the Community Foundation donated funds to start our Generals Plaques Project.  This will allow us to mark 2 of the 5 Generals who are located in our Cemetery. We will, with the help of the Mathew Fontaine Maury Camp 1722, mark each grave with granite pictorial markers and a short description of their Confederate service along with their post war contributions to the Fredericksburg area.  This will be an ongoing project.

We continue to take care of the Cemetery.  We have added many trees from our previous grants program which enhance this peaceful place.