Fundraising Efforts

In May of 2014 The LMA participated in the Community Give.  This was a day of giving to local charities and encompassed the whole Fredericksburg Region.  The LMA raised $1075.00.  These funds were raised to go towards the Marker Replacement Program.

In June  of 2014 we applied for a grant from The Order of The Southern Cross. Founded originally in 1863 as an organization to provide for the relief of disabled soldiers and the widows and orphans of those who had died in service to the Confederacy, today the Order of the Southern Cross serves as a philanthropic organization whose purpose is the preservation of our Southern heritage and its history. In September we received a grant of $995 to go toward the Marker Replacement Program.  With these funds we will be able to replace 6 more soldiers’ stones.  The LMA is so very appreciative of all of our donors.  

Marker Replacement Program

marker-replacementThe Civil War Round Table of Fredericksburg, VA, donated $1500 to be used for the Marker Replacement Program and the general upkeep of the cemetery. Founded in 1957, The Round Table is one of the oldest in the nation. They couldn’t ask for a better location: four major battles of the Civil War were fought within 20 miles of Fredericksburg. The group of about 100 members meets once each month for a catered dinner followed by the presentation of a Civil War topic by a guest speaker – frequently a nationally-known author.

The replacement program started several years ago by the CWRT. They research the oldest civil war soldiers stones which are either broken beyond repair and or illegible . Then they order replacement flush markers to identify the soldiers. It has been a great help to the LMA. They do the installation themselves and the LMA is so very appreciative.