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“DAB” MAURY GREW to love Fredericksburg while playing in the city’s streets as a young boy in the 1820s and listening to stories about men like Washington, Madison and Monroe.

So when Maury died in 1900 at age 77, it was fitting that he was buried with honors in the Confederate Cemetery on Washington Avenue just a few blocks from the St. James’ House on Charles Street where he lived in his youth.

Home was very important to Dabney Herndon Maury. And the concept of “homeland security”–so much in the news these days in light of the events of last September–was very dear to his heart.

In a letter from Santa Fe during the spring of 1861 when war between North and South seemed imminent, Maury, then a captain in the Army, wrote that he was prepared to resign his commission and “return to Virginia and spend my last cent and my last drop of blood if necessary in defense of her soil and of her rights.”

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